Sdn Bhd is established with the vision of providing innovative and total security management solutions based on versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness that fully satisfied our clients' needs and maximizing their investment. We recognized the equal importance of the human factor and services that goes along with any systems/solutions. Hence, SUMIKAWA Sdn Bhd aims to be a preferred security management solutions company by providing our clients with a full range of quality professional services in terms of presales, project management and maintenance. Today, the company covers the entire process from conception, development, distribution and installation of a wide range of automation, security and access control systems for home, commercial and industrial sectors.
The Vision
  • To become the largest CCTV distribution network
  • To provide a one-stop solution for all CCTV installations/consultations/system integrations.
The Mission

SUMIKAWA Sdn Bhd is dedicated to provide one-stop inovative and total solutions by maximizing the effective use of versatile, reliable, and cost effective technologies for our clients that fully satisfied our clients's needs and maximizing their investment. Our objectives include the following:

  • To be the market leader by staying ahead with inovative products.
  • To produce innovative and quality products that are affordable and reliable.
  • To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • To provide best value solutions for our customers.